Artist Insider 10.3: Laura Clapp – Acoustic

Insider: Laura Clapp

Today moves more into talk about the workings of the established music industry and finding endorsement deals.

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  • Gear talk – How did you get a endorsement from Alvarez?
  • Any suggestions for getting endorsements?
  • What do you do with ParMusic?
  • What’s a song pluger?
  • So, you go to people and play the song?
  • How do you find opportunities?
  • What happens if a person wants to use a song?
  • What is the typical timeframe from a song being on-hold to being cut?
  • On hold does not garrote it will be on an album, correct?
  • Do you send out mechanical licenses with ParMusic?
  • Please talk a little about your CDs
  • That first CD was just with friends at Berklee?

The free segment for Monday focused on getting airplay; both on the airwaves and live.

Running time: 11 minutes 04 seconds

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June 16, 2006


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