Artist Insider 15:1 – Jennifer Blair – Promotions

Insider: Jennifer Blair

Jennifer is a song promoter, she helps promote songs to radio programmers. This is a good interview for anyone who has wondered “Why is this song on the radio?”

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  • What kind of plugging do you do?
  • What markets do you work in?
  • What does a promoter do?
  • Do you find yourself being a salesman?
  • What did you major in at Belmont?
  • What area was your minor?
  • What was your plan while you were in college?
  • What was your second gig?
  • What is NASI?
  • What does NASI do?
  • After NASI?
  • What is your day like as a promoter?
  • Did programmers ever really shoot you down?
  • How do you promote stuff you don’t like?
  • What do promoters threaten radio programmers with?

Tomorrow more time in radio land.

Running time: 11 minutes 30 seconds

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August 9, 2006


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