Planning to Plan | August 1, 2008

The Artist Insider Crew is scheduled to meet together soon to discuss the future of Artist Insider.

We would love feedback and suggestions either through the contact form or the comments section.

*Live* Q&A Thursday April 10th | April 8, 2008

The next Artist Insider Q&A will be *Live* at 5:05pm EST this Thursday, April 10th.


  • Your Questions
  • Jonathan’s report outlined in Summit Lessons and more he left out of that report
  • Other highlights of what we have been studding and learning.
  • Questions in the Que

We encourage you to send your questions in when you think of them, then if you are at the *live* recording you will get priority, but if you miss the show you still might get your question answered. Contact us.

::: Update :::
The show is about to go *Live* at five past the hour. One note, we have had the Blue Angels buzzing where Jonathan is all day, and could make the show interesting. This was taken earlier today:

Blue Angle in Middle TN

plans go boom | March 31, 2008

Part of the plan for today was to write up notes from the CIA Summit and email people we meet there.

Instead we are sitting here working on some upgrades to the great little piece of software that runs this and millions of sites across the world.

If something looks wacky here today, it is due to the upgrade process.

A few pages, like the insider pages, are not working properly now. We should have this fixed in a day or two.

Artist Insider Q&A 2008-02-28 Business Independent Publishing | February 28, 2008

Third show of Artist Insider Q&A, hosted by Greg and Jonathan

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Questions, Topics & Notes:

  • Seneff Law
  • Phil Remone – Making Records
  • Artist Insider Tip Jar
  • Do you get in trouble if you play a clip from a TV show on the air? ~Matthew
  • What about using a clip as an example in a podcast? ~Follow-up by Matthew
  • What is the best way to protect your publishing rights when entering a first time record deal? ~Laura Clapp
  • mentioned interview with Tom Bogan
  • I have been creating graphics projects, and some music for right at 10 years. Eventually I want it to be my full time business, I should start a company or just keep doing everything under my name? ~Matt in Virginia
  • The E-Myth Revisited by Michale Gerber (
  • TWIT 133 in this episode of This Week in Tech, they talk with Jonathan Coulton, an independent musician and about the current music industry. Here are his Listening Suggestions. (direct download)

That does it for this week. We have a few more questions already in the que we will get to next time on March 13th. You can send in your own questions or join the show and participate *Live*. Add ArtistInsider (feed) to your favorite RSS reader to keep up to date on the news, or fill in the form to get our posts emailed to you.


Q&A Showprep for Feburary 28th, 5:05EST | February 26, 2008

This Thursday, 2008-02-28 will be the next *live* Q&A session.

Come prepared to ask questions, or discuss some of the following items (will add more over the next couple days).

  • Listener Questions
  • TWIT 133 in this episode of This Week in Tech, they talk with an independent musician and about the current music industry. ( direct download )
  • What have you learned recently?
  • Ways to generate money; our plans are pretty simple, what are yours?
  • Listener Questions

Listener questions are the focus of this show, however we have some stuff planned to direct the conversation or fill the time. See you Thursday, and if you cannot make it and have a question, send it in.

Call for People | February 14, 2008

We are looking for additional people to be involved with this venture. The biggest area is people to fill the role of co-host. The plan is to continue to have Artist Insider be two co-hosts interviewing an Insider.

To help with busy schedules we are looking for a few individuals who can fill that role and we will schedule two at a time. This is an independent contractor position with profit sharing. Being near Nashville, TN is a plus, but the real requirements include a desire to learn, an interest in studying Talent Based Industries, and an ability to interview people. Read more

Artist Insider 3.5: Andrew Peterson – Today and Tomorrow | April 11, 2006

Insider: Andrew Peterson

Current situation, advice, and projects.

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Questions and comments:

  • What does the current label do for you?
  • Chasing sales vs generating sales
  • Do you have a booking agent?
  • What other professional staff?
  • How do you use
  • Biggest piece of advice?
  • Play where you can play
  • Have a record fans can buy
  • Any other advice?
  • Some info about upcoming projects.

Tomorrow we start a new interview with an entertaining author.

Running time: 12 minutes 31 seconds