plans go boom | March 31, 2008

Part of the plan for today was to write up notes from the CIA Summit and email people we meet there.

Instead we are sitting here working on some upgrades to the great little piece of software that runs this and millions of sites across the world.

If something looks wacky here today, it is due to the upgrade process.

A few pages, like the insider pages, are not working properly now. We should have this fixed in a day or two.

some work around here | January 3, 2008

We are working on updating the website here. We have a base theme we know we are going to use, but plan on customizing it totally to what we want.

If you are interested in supporting Artist Insider you might consider volunteering some graphical or design skills. Really looking for a great logo and overall color scheme and all.

From time to time the site might be broken, because I am just going to do some fundamental work on the site in real time.