Artist Insider is a podcast focused on talent based industries. We interview successful individuals who have worked either in a creative job or support staff, a “suite”. Some interviews will get really technical. You might not initially be interested in every interview, but there should be some interesting and humorous point in each.

The two co-hosts for season 1 were Greg Seneff and Jeff Henry. Season 2 begins with Greg and are currently looking for additional hosts.

To learn more about us, listen to these segments:

Currently, we release roughly a ten minute segment Monday through Friday; these segments are free. In the near future we will release full interviews for a small fee. The daily segments will always be free, but there is no guarantee that those segments cover the complete interview.

Artist Insider accepts and appreciates sponsors. Sponsors can submit an outline as to what they want us to say. All sponsor deals will be confidential, and potentially unique. Sponsors will receive linkage from our website to where they want. We reserve the right to refuse sponsorship.

Contact us through the means described on the contact page.

Artist Insider accepts product and service submissions, Artist Insider provides no warrant that we will use your item, or service. If we use your submissions, Artist Insider does not warrant that we will like your item or service, that a review will be made public, or that it will be a positive review.

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