discussing plans | May 21, 2009

in a few hours Greg & Jonathan shall be meeting to catch up & discuss the future of Artist Insider.

If you have any comments, ideas, thought, suggestions, etc?

RSS Update | February 15, 2009

Some people might be subscribed to a feed other then our main feed (and have received updated).

you might want to check to make sure, our main RSS feed is: http://feed.artistinsider.com/ArtistInsider

RSS is a great way to keep up with what is new with websites, if you want to learn more, see one of our featured videos here.

Planning to Plan | August 1, 2008

The Artist Insider Crew is scheduled to meet together soon to discuss the future of Artist Insider.

We would love feedback and suggestions either through the contact form or the comments section.

Summer Break | June 1, 2008

We intend to take a break for the summer.

During the break, we intend to make plans, and prerecord some shows for the fall.

Send us feedback and suggestions as to what you would like from Artist Insider.

Artist Insider Q&A – Great Royal Twitter | May 9, 2008

Seventh show of Artist Insider Q&A, hosted by Greg and Jonathan.

Today we focused on lessons learned and future plans for the summer and beyond. Summer begins for us in June.

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Questions, Topics & Notes:

  • What we have seen recently?
  • royalty issues – mechanical rate & DPD discussion
  • radio stations can be paid to play music
  • Good to Great by Jim Colins (his website)
  • The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
  • Talkshoe getting more involved with facebook apps
  • twitter – we have one, follow us
  • Keeping up with technology
  • Jars of Clay does some great marketing –remix our song contest
  • Dead Man Mobile Mash-Up Video
  • future plans at Artist Insider – Summer Schedule
  • Are artist in general more knowledgeable about the legal side of the music industry?
  • Document Reviews, save money or not?
  • Music Law Biz

Summer Schedule will be out in early June, send your questions ASAP, through the chat on the front page, or contact page.


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