plans go boom | March 31, 2008

Part of the plan for today was to write up notes from the CIA Summit and email people we meet there.

Instead we are sitting here working on some upgrades to the great little piece of software that runs this and millions of sites across the world.

If something looks wacky here today, it is due to the upgrade process.

A few pages, like the insider pages, are not working properly now. We should have this fixed in a day or two.

Quick update from the CIA Summit | March 28, 2008

CIA Summit Sign

Sitting here at the Summit, Eric Copeland is now speaking.

Some sad news, and has altered our plans. Greg’s Mother is very sick and his brother called him this morning and said basically “You need to come here today.”

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Artist Insider Q&A – Conference & Convention Summit | March 28, 2008

Fifth show of Artist Insider Q&A, hosted by Greg and Jonathan.

The focus is conferences, conventions, summits, and expos, whatever you want to call them, times and places where you can meet people with a specific interest and gain both a larger network and greater knowledge if you want to.

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Questions, Topics & Notes:

  • “What’s the best way to introduce yourself and build connections? specifically, how not to come across as creepy :)” ~ Matt in Tennessee
  • Should I go to a conference?
  • As a freelancer how much of my conference-going expenses are tax deductible? ~ Shaun in California
  • “What do you do when you start falling asleep?
    • “no, even better when the guy is snoring next to you 😛
    • “but actually, dealing with monotone voices is hard”
    • ~Tricia in California
  • What are the differences between a conference and a convention? Summit? Expo?
  • Are there art conferences?
  • Should you hand business cards out like candy?

We have easier control over the “Featured Video” on the front page and strongly encourage everyone to watch the one in the post we titled RSS is your Friend. We also have a tip jar for anyone who would like to treat us to something nice, or to encourage us to keep going.


Summit Time | March 28, 2008

We are at the CIA Summit or other Music Conferences in Music City, USA the next couple days. We expect to see lots of our past insiders, including, but not limited to:

The plan is to record both audio and in still images as much as we can. We might even manage to do some updates while we are here. Since we knew this was coming up we focused on How to be successful at a Conference in the most recent Artist Insider Q&A.

*Live* Q&A Thursday March 27th 5:05EST | March 25, 2008

Just a quick reminder, we will do a *Live* Artist Insider Q&A this Thursday.

Send in your questions, even if you expect to be there live. We will answer questions form people who call in or are in the chat first, but then questions from our que.

The major topic, after audience questions, is “How to get the most out of a conference?” in honor of us attending a few this weekend.

RSS is your Friend | March 14, 2008

RSS should be as, if not more, important to you as email. It can save you lots more time and energy.
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Artist Insider Q&A 2008-03-13 Video Copyright Producer | March 13, 2008

Fourth show of Artist Insider Q&A, hosted by Greg and Jonathan

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Questions, Topics & Notes:

  • some follow-up to AI Q&A from 2008-02-28
  • Why can all contracts not be one page?
  • I produce physical and electronic media, like photographs, music, websites, and graphics. What is the most reliable way to protect my work, besides actually getting/registering a copyright/trademark/etc? ~Matt in Virginia
  • statutory damages & court costs
  • What about Creative Commons?
  • When is a Copyright created?
  • How long does a Copyright last?
  • why do copyrights still exist? I have the opinion that they create of a loss of creativity and competition. ~JoshB from Memphis
  • Is – a way to view TV and Movies online for free – but is it legal?
  • What is the role of a record producer?
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  • Also, consider the Talkshoe Application on Facebook.
  • I am doing a video project for a middle school football team and want to use a song from a band I know in the background. What do I need to do to legally use that song in the video? ~Jeff from Nashville
  • Jeff mentioned Music Services – it licenses music for different projects
  • What is the law about making a video with background music and releasing it online without any copyright license? ~follow-up by Jeff
  • We will be at the CIA Summit with our mobile recording studio on March 28th – 29th. Keith Mohr produces it.
  • Music Law Biz
  • Seneff Law

That does it for this week. We have a few more questions already in the que we will get to next time on March 27th. You can send in your own questions or join the show and participate *Live*. Add ArtistInsider (feed) to your favorite RSS reader to keep up to date on the news, or fill in the form to get our posts emailed to you.


*Live Q&A this Thursday 5:05 EST | March 11, 2008

This Thursday, March 13th, at 5:05pm Eastern, we will do another *Live* Artist Insider Q&A.

If you are not sure you can make the show and call in, or participate in the chat, please leave the question in the chat box on our front page, or submit it through the contact form.

Some topics and focus to come.