Happy Birthday & Gearing up for Season 2 | February 24, 2007

Today is the one year anniversary of Artist Insider. One year ago, we were sitting in a room for many hours brainstorming a name and finally settled on Artist Insider a year ago.

We have learned a lot about being a media company, producing content, and consumption habits of our listeners over the past year. Now we are working on Season 2.

What will you find new and different with Season 2?

  • A better release schedule & more communication from us.
  • The ability to participate in the recording of the show live, either through text chat, or through phone.
  • Ability to support us simply by trying out some products and services.
  • Option to purchase a copy of the complete interviews
  • Gear for sale.

We are also looking for additional ideas and items to both better serve you and make it where we can do more of this.

If you want information about upcoming shows fill out this form and just indicate so, or send a friends request at either our Myspace or Vox page. We will be looking for people to be in a virtual-audience when we record more shows.

Moving and Talking | February 8, 2007

As a quick update, we are moving our archived shows at this point to use a new system. Nothing really should change here.

We are also discussing the future here and how we are going to continue our mission of helping people be informed, entertained, and motivated to succeed in Talent Based Industries.