Artist Insider 18:4 – Larry Carpenter – Creative Control | September 18, 2006

Insider: Larry Carpenter

This is the long segment, with a lot of information about all that goes into developing a book.

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  • What would be a typical book marketing plan be?
  • Push & Pull Marketing
  • What is the relationship with publishers like?

Tomorrow is the last day with Larry.

Running time: 13 minutes 55 seconds

Larry Carpenter | September 13, 2006

Larry CarpenterAbout:
Larry can be seen in The Patriot, but is better known for his work on the business side of production and distribution. He was the President of Ingram Christian Resources, President and CEO of Spring Arbor and founded Faith Works, who basically helps get products to stores that carry christian books and materials. In 2006 Larry sold Faith Works to STL, though he remained with the organization.

In May of 2007, Larry left STL to become Vice President of Marketing for Thomas Nelson Publishers. Charged with marketing for the Non-Fiction Trade Books division. Thomas Nelson is the largest Christian publisher and the sixth largest publisher in the US. Read more

Kim Thomas | July 19, 2006

About: (official bio)
Kim grew up in an artistic family that traveled from place to place on a regular basis. She spent a good bit of time in Japan, which had a major effect on the development of her creative skills. She meet Jim, who is now her husband, when she was a teenager and has been on an amazing ride ever since.For roughly 18 years she traveled with Jim as a singer and songwriter. Most of those years they were the two members of the band Say-so, which included numerous uses on TV shows. Read more

Mike Nolan | June 28, 2006

Mike is a freelance writer and has been for many years. He discovered his talent when he was very young and went on to focus on it in college. He has authored many books, both as a ghost writer and original pieces. He has written tv series, documentaries, infomercials, and much more. Read more

Reed Arvin | June 7, 2006

Reed Arvin grew up on a working cattle ranch in Kansas. He studied music in college, became a successful session musician and record producer, and toured the world with a variety of artists. He now writes full time. He and his wife Dianne, a painter, split their time between homes in Nashville, TN, and St. Petersburg, FL. Read more

Artist Insider 6.3: Leann Pass | May 19, 2006

Insider: Leann Pass

This is a segment of a one on one interview between Jonathan Nation and Leann Pass of Wall Printing recorded at the CIA Summit.

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Questions and topics:

  • What does Wall Printing do?
  • What have you learned from Managing & Booking?
  • Why wait on getting a manager?
  • When should someone look for a manager?
  • What about booking?
  • Any strategies for booking?
  • Any other tips for people starting out?
  • But, doesn’t printing cost a lot?

Enjoy your weekend and be back here Monday for another interesting interview with another Insider.

Running time: 11 minutes 48 seconds

Leann Pass | May 19, 2006

Leann has worked as a Manager and a Booking Agent and currently works as a Sales Rep for Wall Printing, with a really cool business card they call “The Flapper“. She mostly work with artist producing posters and other promotional materials through Read more

Daylle Deanna Schwartz | May 17, 2006

About: (official bio)
Currently an Author, Speaker, Consular & Coach, but in the past she has been a Rap Artist, Teacher, started a record label and more. She loves helping people do what they love and is a great speaker. She also currently publishes a couple emailed newsletters you can find on her official website Read more

Artist Insider 4.5: Bernie Sheahan – Find Your Voice and Shout | April 18, 2006

Insider: Bernie Sheahan

This is a very deep and personal day; then gets into other aspects the business of writing.

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Questions and Topics:

  • Everyone has to find their own style
  • The best kind of writing
  • The greatest thing about writing
  • What about the business side of writing?
    • Literary Agent
    • Copy Editor
    • Line Editor
    • ghost writer

Tomorrow we start a new set of free segments with a man who has preformed in front of millions.

Running time: 11 minutes 41 seconds

Artist Insider 4.4: Bernie Sheahan – Laugh and Cry | April 17, 2006

Insider: Bernie Sheahan

We hope you had a great holiday. Today starts by finishing discussion of “work for hire” then moves into other golden nuggets of wisdom.

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Questions and Topics:

  • More about Work for Hire
  • What is your favorite kind of gig?
  • Kill fees
  • Have you googled yourself, Bernie Sheahan?
  • Have the skills needed changed?
  • What artists have you done bios on?

Tomorrow is the final day with Bernie. She really gets into the root of her philosophy and tells of some different opportunities out there.

Running time: 11 minutes 58 seconds

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