Artist Insider 13:1 – Kim Thomas – hpm4pwRnaam | July 19, 2006

Insider: Kim Thomas

This was a very entertaining and informative interview. Today we begin a little over twelve minutes into the interview because this is such a great interview and is relatively long. Kim’s father was in the US military, so they did not stay in one place for very long. Her time in Japan has a large effect on her early work and she began creating art, both music and visual, at an early age. This free segment focuses on her music career.

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  • Where did you perform back with Jim and the friend?
  • When did you start writing your own songs?
  • How did Say-so come about?
  • Did you get into a record agreement?
  • Did you book yourself?
  • Did you enjoy the college circuit?
  • Entertainment and Art have separate definitions?

Tomorrow, Kim shares some of her suggestions for artist and talks about tv gigs.

Running time: 12 minutes 02 seconds

Kim Thomas | July 19, 2006

About: (official bio)
Kim grew up in an artistic family that traveled from place to place on a regular basis. She spent a good bit of time in Japan, which had a major effect on the development of her creative skills. She meet Jim, who is now her husband, when she was a teenager and has been on an amazing ride ever since.For roughly 18 years she traveled with Jim as a singer and songwriter. Most of those years they were the two members of the band Say-so, which included numerous uses on TV shows. Read more

Artist Insider 6.1: Daylle Deanna Schwartz | May 17, 2006

Insider: Daylle Deanna Schwartz

This is a segment of a one on one interview between Jonathan Nation and Daylle recorded at the CIA Summit.

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Questions and topics:

  • What is your proudest accomplishment so far?
  • What steps did you take to develop as a rapper?
    • Found mentors & partners
    • Tried a lot
    • Had some talent
  • What are some streams of income artists do not think about?
    • Keep your eyes & ears open
    • Company phone systems
    • Airlines, Military
    • Fairs, Festivals, & Corporations
    • Think large span
    • Background music at a party
    • Sing Covers – build your fanbase
    • Mall & Street Fairs
    • Local Promotional Gigs
  • The people who work hard & Network get the gigs
  • House Concerts
  • How has the industry changed?
  • Contact info

Tomorrow another one on one interview.

Running time: 11 minutes 33 seconds

Daylle Deanna Schwartz | May 17, 2006

About: (official bio)
Currently an Author, Speaker, Consular & Coach, but in the past she has been a Rap Artist, Teacher, started a record label and more. She loves helping people do what they love and is a great speaker. She also currently publishes a couple emailed newsletters you can find on her official website Read more