Dianne Arvin

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Dianne felt that she was born with a desire and need to be an artist, and she started painting at the age of eight. As a young student, she was more interested in the pictures in the books and encyclopedias rather than the words, causing her to be a “late reader.” Dianne continued her love of art into college where she majored in Fine Arts with a focus on metalworking and jewelry making. After college, she continued painting but knew that there would not be much of an income in it, so she started working in sales for an engineering company started by her brother-in-law. She worked for the company for thirteen years. Then, as what happens to so many who are not doing what they love, she became burned out and quit her job to pursue happiness. She went back to school, met and married her husband, Reid, and started working in art therapy. Read more

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