Artist Insider 16:4 – Sherry Paige – Muse | August 28, 2006

Insider: Sherry Paige

Theater is at the heart of this segment.
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  • What are some of your current endeavors?
  • What is “the book” in theater?
  • How do you keep motivated to the end of a project?

Tomorrow will be the last free segment with Sherry where she will talk about some of her recent experiences and endeavors.

Running time: 11 minutes 52 seconds

Artist Insider 16:1 – Sherry Paige – Double Major | August 24, 2006

Insider: Sherry Paige

The Insider of this week is Sherry Paige who succeeded in many different areas from those we have already featured. This segment covers some early development then quickly moves into the world of music television, before there was MTV.

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  • Did you go to College in Middle Tennessee?
  • What did you major in?
  • Have you always enjoyed the arts?
  • You were writing scripts?
  • What was your early music training?
  • What were you involved with in College?
  • You were an art missionary to the sorority?
  • What is a sound-alike?
  • How did you make those connections?
  • How were you paid for sound alikes?
  • What did those sessions lead to?
  • What television work did you do?

Tomorrow the Nashville Number System, background singing, and session work.

Running time: 11 minutes 26 seconds

Artist Insider 13:3 – Kim Thomas – Page One | July 21, 2006

Insider: Kim Thomas

This might have been the hardest segment to edit form this interview, so it is slightly longer then normal. There was just too much great information in it to strip it down anymore, without loosing too much context. This segment is great for potential business professionals, too.

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  • What are some of the mistakes you have seen artist make?
  • Did you have an attorney when negotiating the record deal?
  • When did someone want to use a painting in a different way?
  • Was the Caedmon’s Call deal a spin-off of the City on the Hill project?
  • Were those paintings “work made for hire”?

Monday the emphasis shifts to writing.

Running time: 14 minutes 02 seconds

Artist Insider 13:2 – Kim Thomas – International Traveler | July 20, 2006

Insider: Kim Thomas

This free segment continues to focus on Say-so though many of the ideas can be applied to all arts.

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  • Was it hard work?
  • Did you make a living as a traveling musician?
  • How did you get songs on National TV?
  • One tv gig lead to another, and another?

Tomorrow we have a jam packed segment, just in time for the weekend.

Running time: 10 minutes 29 seconds

Artist Insider 13:1 – Kim Thomas – hpm4pwRnaam | July 19, 2006

Insider: Kim Thomas

This was a very entertaining and informative interview. Today we begin a little over twelve minutes into the interview because this is such a great interview and is relatively long. Kim’s father was in the US military, so they did not stay in one place for very long. Her time in Japan has a large effect on her early work and she began creating art, both music and visual, at an early age. This free segment focuses on her music career.

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  • Where did you perform back with Jim and the friend?
  • When did you start writing your own songs?
  • How did Say-so come about?
  • Did you get into a record agreement?
  • Did you book yourself?
  • Did you enjoy the college circuit?
  • Entertainment and Art have separate definitions?

Tomorrow, Kim shares some of her suggestions for artist and talks about tv gigs.

Running time: 12 minutes 02 seconds

Kim Thomas | July 19, 2006

About: (official bio)
Kim grew up in an artistic family that traveled from place to place on a regular basis. She spent a good bit of time in Japan, which had a major effect on the development of her creative skills. She meet Jim, who is now her husband, when she was a teenager and has been on an amazing ride ever since.For roughly 18 years she traveled with Jim as a singer and songwriter. Most of those years they were the two members of the band Say-so, which included numerous uses on TV shows. Read more

Artist Insider 11.2: Dennis Dearing – Different Animal | June 22, 2006

Insider: Dennis Dearing

Today we focus on session work. A side of the music industry most outside the industry does not know about.

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  • Do you do a lot of demos in one day?
  • How much would a musician receive for a demo session?
  • What is the next level up from demos?
  • How busy are top session players?
  • For one song, about how much are the musician fees?
  • How common is musicians not playing in the studio recording?
  • How did you get into writing?

Next free segment focuses on song writing.

Running time: 10 minutes 29 seconds

Artist Insider 11.1: Dennis Dearing – Producer Extraordinaire | June 21, 2006

Insider: Dennis Dearing

This first Free Segment with Dennis focuses on his college years, where he played on a record, played at Opryland, and toured with a band.

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  • Did you do a lot of guitar playing in High School?
  • What opportunities did you get because of attending Belmont?
  • You know how to play Make Me Ready?
  • What all was planed out when you were touring while in college?
  • Pointers for potential session players
  • Could you start with the basics of session work and build up to advance levels?

Tomorrow focus shifts to demos, both the creation process and as a career path.

Running time: 11 minutes 43 seconds

Dennis Dearing | June 21, 2006

When he was four years old, Dennis received one of his best Christmas gifts ever, a tiny Roy Rogers acoustic guitar that began his love of music and specifically the guitar. After high school, he moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University, an institution which boasts such former students as country stars Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood and Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman. Dennis studied Music Business, played guitar for the university’s group, The Belmont Reasons, and received his BBA. Read more

Laura Clapp | June 14, 2006

laura clappAbout:
Laura grew up in house full of music, and she showed proficiency in it early on. While in college she was able to explore many aspects of music, both in playing and production. She then decided to travel to the Nashville to focus on a music career. Along the way she had developed a great support network and explored many emerging or new methods of marketing and promoting herself as an artist. Read more

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