Larry Carpenter | September 13, 2006

Larry CarpenterAbout:
Larry can be seen in The Patriot, but is better known for his work on the business side of production and distribution. He was the President of Ingram Christian Resources, President and CEO of Spring Arbor and founded Faith Works, who basically helps get products to stores that carry christian books and materials. In 2006 Larry sold Faith Works to STL, though he remained with the organization.

In May of 2007, Larry left STL to become Vice President of Marketing for Thomas Nelson Publishers. Charged with marketing for the Non-Fiction Trade Books division. Thomas Nelson is the largest Christian publisher and the sixth largest publisher in the US. Read more

Sherry Paige | August 24, 2006

Sherry started out creating art early on with writing and music. She graduated from Vanderbilt with a double major in Political Science and Theater & Music. She has had success doing sound-alikes, vocal work on TV, background singer, writer for both theater and television.

Artist Insider 6.5: Michael De Vorzon | May 23, 2006

Insider: Michael De Vorzon

Today is the last free segment from the CIA Summit, at least for now. This one on one interview is between Jonathan Nation and Michael De Vorzon of MasterWriter a program to help songwriters.

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Questions and topics:

  • What does MasterWriter do?
  • Suggestions for budding actors
  • Why does someone need an agent?
  • Suggested Backstage West (A Regional Magazine)
    • Have good photos
    • Be aggressive & persistent
    • Get tape on yourself

May 22, 2006 Greg & Jeff interviewed the founder of the CIA Summit and we will begin releasing segments from that interview tomorrow.

Running time: 11 minutes 01 seconds

Michael De Vorzon | May 23, 2006

Michael has acting and music in his blood. He has made a career as an actor on the small and big screen and working for MasterWriter. Michael is pleased with his role in Murder at the Chat Noir. Read more