All Hallows Eve Update | October 31, 2006

Jeff is married and working on adjusting to married life. We are at a point where we are retooling and making decisions as to how we can improve and work through travel issues and all.

There are some neat technologies that are in the works. Would you be interested in listening and being able to call into Artist Insider live?

If so send us a message or voicemail, contact info available on the contact page.

October Update | October 16, 2006

A couple updates for you.

Greg & Jonathan have done another interview and will be looking to do more in this time before Jeff gets back into the swing of it all. We plan on saving those interviews to help make sure we release on a regular basis.
Wallop is a social networking site thing that looks good and is rather easy to use. Think Myspace, but the pages look a lot better. It is invite only, but we have a few invitations to send out. Send us a email or leave us a voicemail, both found on our contact page, if you want one. We will make a waiting list if we run out.

We plan on uploading some of our free segments, and using more pictures. You can see several of our past guests there now.
We set up a myspace page this week. We already have a number of friends and would like more. We expect to put some of the pictures of us and some free segments there too. We will also try to add all out guests as friends, if they have a myspace page.
This is a blog site that we plan on doing much the same, but they have networking here too, called neighbors, that allows you an easy way to keep up with us.

Vox is also invite only at this point and we have some, so tell us if you want an invitation. will be our main blog, but we plan on doing some little things on each of these. If you want to keep up to date with us add our RSS feed to an RSS Reader, four of the main ones are, Google Reader, Bloglines, and Netvibes.

We have a meeting to discuss improvements to Artist Insider and a full day of recording scheduled in the next week and a half. We should start releasing more free segments next week.