Keith Mohr

keith mohrAbout:
In 1997, Keith saw the future of music, and it was then he created his independent online music promotion, marketing, distribution community called “Broken Records.” Starting with just 4 artists he produced at his studio in Central Pennsylvania, the site quickly grew to 800 members in just a few years. Providing free services helped Keith keep a steady stream of artists who came to his studio for production assistance. In 2002, Keith changed the name of his website to IndieHeaven, which better reflected his mission. Still going strong through .com busts and free social networking, Keith recently created a non-profit organization called the Christian Independent Alliance to further help core Indieheaven members with fund raising for their music missions. Keith also produces a conference in Franklin, TN where hundred of independent musicians from around the globe assemble to learn how to not be dependent. Visit the sites in the contact area for more information.

CIA Summit
Indie University
Christian Independent Alliance

May 24, 2006


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