Tim O’Connor

Tim, a former heart transplant surgical technologist, is currently the VP of Artist Relations at Indieheaven. Indieheaven is a Christian organization that gives artists the tools they need to help them build their ministry and achieve their goals. Their main emphasis is on building relationships and promoting community through prayer and support.

While he was in high school, Tim became interested in music when the British Invasion brought the Beatles in the 1960s. He played in several rock bands in the 60s and 70s and pursued a medical career. He began a spiritual journey in 1982 and later he joined the worship team of his church where he played for four years. Tim moved to Nashville in 1994. His main job was still in surgery, but all the while he was looking for a “full-time multi-faceted ministry including music and writing.” He was hired on with Indieheaven in 2005.


May 22, 2006


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