Artist Insider 10.1: Laura Clapp

Insider: Laura Clapp

You have heard some of Laura’s music, even if you did not know it. We use part of a song by Laura Clapp for our intro and exit music. She has experience in several aspects of new marketing available for music artists today.

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  • How did you get interested in Music?
  • Growing up, what did you do musically?
  • Julie Harris
  • Where did you play?
  • Why did you go to Berklee?
  • Why did you decide to move to Music City, USA?
  • What were your first impressions of Nashville?
  • What were the first steps that you took?
  • Did you have a second job at first?
  • Who hired you to do the demos?
  • Did it pay enough to be a full time job?
  • Do a lot of people do the that?

Next we move into talk about Chick Singer Nights, co-writing, the Podsafe Music Network, and more.

Running time: 10 minutes 57 seconds

June 14, 2006


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