Artist Insider 14:1 – Jeremy Cowart – Punched

Insider: Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy is mostly known for the great pictures he captures of bands, within the music industry. Today we begin with how be first expressed creative talents and his progression to being a web designer.

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  • Where are you from & how did you get started?
  • What drew you into the art world?
  • Are you musically inclined?
  • What was your mindset early on, career wise?
  • How is the inspiration for creation different with different medians of art?
  • Self motivation in important?
  • What were the steps to moving from corporate to your own company?
  • What did you learn when you started your company? Did you have a mentor?
  • Where did you find clients?

Tomorrow we hear about the transition to photography and lessons learned.

Running time: 10 minutes 57 seconds

July 26, 2006


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