Artist Insider 14:3 – Jeremy Cowart – Four Guys

Insider: Jeremy Cowart

It is odd when you wake up expecting to see a post you had prepped the previous night and it is not here. Well, this segment is all about photography & Flickr.

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  • What is the range of a photo shoot cost?
  • People are paid to shoot at a location?
  • What is your draw to different textures?
  • Who owns the pictures?
  • What is Flickr?
  • How many years have you done Flickr or how many photos have you added?
  • Is Flickr creating a standard?
  • Are you worried about people using your stuff on Flickr?

After this weekend we will have a very special segment with Jeremy.

Running time: 11 minutes 47 seconds

July 28, 2006


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