Artist Insider 14:4 – Jeremy Cowart – Hope in the Dark

Insider: Jeremy Cowart

This is a very special segment to both Jeremy and us at Artist Insider. There is a very important story told in this segment, so we let it run. We encourage you to learn more about the issues facing the people in Africa.

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  • What is Jeremy Cowart passionate about?
  • How did your passion for Africa develop?
  • Did you visit any refugee camps?
  • Who should people contact to get involved or go there?
  • When and where do the images for the book come from?

Make sure you check out Hope in the Dark. Tomorrow Jeremy will tell of the logistical side of being a traveling photographer. One more note, Hope in the Dark is not to line Jeremy’s pocket, rather it is to help several non-profits who are dedicated to helping the people of Africa.

Running time: 15 minutes 25 seconds

July 31, 2006


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