Artist Insider Favorite – 1: Bernie Sheahan 4.2

This week we are going to try something different.

We are going to pick out five of his favorite free segments. Then sometime in the morning a few thoughts will be posted for discussion in the comments.

This first segment is from our interview with Bernie Sheahan, 4.2 Kill Your Darlings.

Short notes from the Executive Producer, Jonathan Nation:

  • I really like her honesty in this and thoughts of needing help in areas we are all weak.
  • Her insights into “creative people” are great.

Because this is a special, you will need to either pull the file if you already have or click a link on the website to download it.

August 2, 2006


One Response to “Artist Insider Favorite – 1: Bernie Sheahan 4.2”

  1. Nation on August 2nd, 2006 9:43 am

    I look at these shows from several vantage points:
    1. business strategy
    2. personalities and tendencies of people with those personalities
    3. “How can this apply to a different situation?”

    These thoughts and questions are more to get you to think and comment back.

    How do you keep yourself from being disorganized?

    It’s important to know what you cannot do, I am a terrible speller. I know this. I write everything in word or another program that has a spell checker & if something is really important I make sure someone else reads it. An odd thing is I do pretty good as editing someone else’s work.

    Bernie discourages people from attempting to be freelance writers mainly because it is hard to make regular money with it, at the same time the upside, potential income is uncapped.

    Build a portfolio – every industry we have talked to mentions building a portfolio. They have all used different words, but if you want a job you need to prove to the potential employer that you can produce and what level you can produce on. For writers it would be using a blog, for musicians it might be releasing stuff to the Podsafe Music Network, for businessmen it would be helping a non-profit org, but all of it is basically finding a way to do what you want to do. Gamers produce mods for games, what am I missing?

    Editing note: I attempted to keep everything I could in the interviews with Bernie. Later I changes my tactic and now I attempt to keep whole questions & answers and I drop whole questions; any suggestions between the two?

    I really wanted to make this ep 4.2 and 4.3 because they go so well together.

    Last note: I am not trying to control the conversation today. I am attempting to start it and then the participants will determine where it goes.

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