Artist Insider Favorite – 2: Keith Mohr 7.4

This is our second review of a past episode. In the morning there will be some more thoughts in the comments and you can add your own.

This segment is from our interview with Keith Mohr, 7.4 Maximum Content.

Short notes from the Executive Producer, Jonathan Nation:

  • Keith is focused on a small part of the music industry, but most of what he says can be applied to other situations.
  • success is relative
  • Mentors and learning from people who have had more success then you is very important for success.

Because this is a special, you will need to either pull the file if you already have or click a link on the website to download it.

August 3, 2006


One Response to “Artist Insider Favorite – 2: Keith Mohr 7.4”

  1. Nation on August 3rd, 2006 9:39 am

    Keith mentions some common mistakes he has seen, what are some you have experienced?
    – Moving too fast
    – Not being patient
    – put out subpar product/service
    – get defeater & quit

    Start where you are and move out is a common suggestion among the music pros that I have heard.

    Find your passion – mine is helping people be more efficient, achieve their dreams, and life full lives, what is yours?

    recognition or accomplishment – This is an interesting concept, look for it in people you interact with.

    Learn from others who go before you. – That is why we do Artist Insider & why I listen to many of the podcasts I do.

    Without passion, drive and work you will not achieve excellence.

    Keith said you have to be either:
    1. First
    2. Best
    3. Different
    That is really the reason I picked this segment as one of my favorites.

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