Artist Insider Favorite – 4: Dianne Arvin 8.4

This segment is from our interview Dianne Arvin 8.4 – Number One Secret.

Short notes from the Executive Producer, Jonathan Nation:

  • This is a simple but deep segment.
  • Her view on finding one many mentors is important.
  • It is interesting her experience with goals.

In the morning some thoughts and questions will be posted in the comments and we invite you to comment yourself.

August 7, 2006


One Response to “Artist Insider Favorite – 4: Dianne Arvin 8.4”

  1. Nation on August 7th, 2006 11:05 am

    Who are your mentors? It is good to have some you interact with, but studying other who have written about their experiences, or talked about it on great podcasts, is another way of learning form their mistakes.

    Many other successful people I have talked to tell storied about how they wrote down goals in the past and today they have achieved most if not all of what they set out to do. It is sometimes different from what they envisioned (mostly due to new technologies and all), but they have done more then most. When do you set goals? When do you review goals? Have any tips that might help others?

    One neat note about this interview; we were in her den at her house and interviewed Reed after her.

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