Notes for Live Q&A on 01-31

We are starting in a couple minutes, here are some of the topics we plan on discussing in addition to questions from the guests. Please enter questions to be checked on our front page in the chat box.

  • Our Mission
  • About Greg & Jonathan
  • What we learned from Season 1.
  • Plans
    • Artist Insider
      • live for subscribers
      • Release free segments
    • AI Q&A
      • Live, free & open
      • focus on the free segments we have released
      • weekly during a “season”, Monthly during breaks
  • Making money – If we don’t make enough, we will eventually move on to something else.
    • Free Trials – affiliate links for stuff you can try. Other possibilities
  • Other possibilities

If you have a question you can enter it in the chat here, or ask the audience through talkshoe, or call in.

January 31, 2008


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