*Live* Artist Insider Q&A, this Thursday (May 8th:5:05 EST) | May 6, 2008

The next Artist Insider Q&A will be *Live* at 5:05pm EST this Thursday, May 8th.

More info to come.

*Live* Q&A Thursday April 10th | April 8, 2008

The next Artist Insider Q&A will be *Live* at 5:05pm EST this Thursday, April 10th.


  • Your Questions
  • Jonathan’s report outlined in Summit Lessons and more he left out of that report
  • Other highlights of what we have been studding and learning.
  • Questions in the Que

We encourage you to send your questions in when you think of them, then if you are at the *live* recording you will get priority, but if you miss the show you still might get your question answered. Contact us.

::: Update :::
The show is about to go *Live* at five past the hour. One note, we have had the Blue Angels buzzing where Jonathan is all day, and could make the show interesting. This was taken earlier today:

Blue Angle in Middle TN

*Live* Q&A Thursday March 27th 5:05EST | March 25, 2008

Just a quick reminder, we will do a *Live* Artist Insider Q&A this Thursday.

Send in your questions, even if you expect to be there live. We will answer questions form people who call in or are in the chat first, but then questions from our que.

The major topic, after audience questions, is “How to get the most out of a conference?” in honor of us attending a few this weekend.

*Live Q&A this Thursday 5:05 EST | March 11, 2008

This Thursday, March 13th, at 5:05pm Eastern, we will do another *Live* Artist Insider Q&A.

If you are not sure you can make the show and call in, or participate in the chat, please leave the question in the chat box on our front page, or submit it through the contact form.

Some topics and focus to come.

Q&A Showprep for Feburary 28th, 5:05EST | February 26, 2008

This Thursday, 2008-02-28 will be the next *live* Q&A session.

Come prepared to ask questions, or discuss some of the following items (will add more over the next couple days).

  • Listener Questions
  • TWIT 133 in this episode of This Week in Tech, they talk with an independent musician and about the current music industry. ( direct download )
  • What have you learned recently?
  • Ways to generate money; our plans are pretty simple, what are yours?
  • Listener Questions

Listener questions are the focus of this show, however we have some stuff planned to direct the conversation or fill the time. See you Thursday, and if you cannot make it and have a question, send it in.

AI Q&A 2008-02-14 5:05EST | February 13, 2008

Artist Insider Q&A will be *Live* Thursday February 14th starting at 5:05pm EST. If you have a question you can join the show, or send it to me. On the air will be Greg, an Entertainment Lawyer, and Jonathan, strategist & systems professional.


Goal: Answer questions the audience has, and discuss what we have noticed recently. Read more

Tweaking & Updating | February 13, 2008

We were represented at PodcampNashville this past weekend. Cliff made a great presentation, you can listen to it here or download it, and later gave Jonathan some tips.

Thus today, we are playing with some systems here to help improve how we work.

Some stuff might be broken for short periods of time.

::: AI Q&A Thursday :::
Greg & Jonathan will do an Artist Insider Q&A on Thursday February 14th. We are working on the time and will update soon.

Notes for Live Q&A on 01-31 | January 31, 2008

We are starting in a couple minutes, here are some of the topics we plan on discussing in addition to questions from the guests. Please enter questions to be checked on our front page in the chat box.

  • Our Mission
  • About Greg & Jonathan
  • What we learned from Season 1.
  • Plans
    • Artist Insider
      • live for subscribers
      • Release free segments
    • AI Q&A
      • Live, free & open
      • focus on the free segments we have released
      • weekly during a “season”, Monthly during breaks
  • Making money – If we don’t make enough, we will eventually move on to something else.
    • Free Trials – affiliate links for stuff you can try. Other possibilities
  • Other possibilities

If you have a question you can enter it in the chat here, or ask the audience through talkshoe, or call in.

AI Q&A Today | January 31, 2008

The first *live* Artist Insider Q&A will be today at 4:05 CST. We will be using Talkshoe, so you can send in questions through the chat, or call in.

The main topic, in addition to user questions, is the vision and plans for Season 2 of Artist Insider. Starting with things we learned both from the Season 1 Insiders and the just producing the show.

Main hosts today will be Greg and Jonathan; if you cannot make the show live, then send in your questions now and we will try to get to them during the show.

Artist Insider Q&A This Thursday | January 28, 2008

Thursday January 31st, we will hold our first Artist Insider Q&A using Talkshoe where you can call in and ask questions. In addition to answering questions focused on Talent Based Industries, we will talk about our plans for Season 2. Read more