Artist Insider Q&A 2008-03-13 Video Copyright Producer | March 13, 2008

Fourth show of Artist Insider Q&A, hosted by Greg and Jonathan

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Questions, Topics & Notes:

  • some follow-up to AI Q&A from 2008-02-28
  • Why can all contracts not be one page?
  • I produce physical and electronic media, like photographs, music, websites, and graphics. What is the most reliable way to protect my work, besides actually getting/registering a copyright/trademark/etc? ~Matt in Virginia
  • statutory damages & court costs
  • What about Creative Commons?
  • When is a Copyright created?
  • How long does a Copyright last?
  • why do copyrights still exist? I have the opinion that they create of a loss of creativity and competition. ~JoshB from Memphis
  • Is – a way to view TV and Movies online for free – but is it legal?
  • What is the role of a record producer?
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  • I am doing a video project for a middle school football team and want to use a song from a band I know in the background. What do I need to do to legally use that song in the video? ~Jeff from Nashville
  • Jeff mentioned Music Services – it licenses music for different projects
  • What is the law about making a video with background music and releasing it online without any copyright license? ~follow-up by Jeff
  • We will be at the CIA Summit with our mobile recording studio on March 28th – 29th. Keith Mohr produces it.
  • Music Law Biz
  • Seneff Law

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