Artist Insider 15:2 – Jennifer Blair – Battle of Rutledge Hill

Insider: Jennifer Blair

This segment covers a lot of the basics of music radio stations and how they work from the point of view of a promoter.

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  • What is a promoter’s relationship like with (enter role here)?
  • Who are “Regionals”?
  • How does a Radio Station determine if a song is good or not?
  • Do you ever have people call into a station and ask for a song?
  • How do ratings work?
  • Why did you have to know excel when you worked at your last job?
  • What does the term “spin” mean?
  • Is there a central database that helps calculate spins?
  • How much of ratings is really fluff?
  • Billboard’s Top 10, number of spins, or statistical audience impressions?
  • Do you work with independent artists?

Segment 15.3 gets into the actual work of a Radio Promoter.

Running time: 11 minutes 20 seconds

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August 10, 2006


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