Artist Insider 15:5 – Jennifer Blair – 25 million albums | August 15, 2006

Insider: Jennifer Blair

This is out last free segment with Jennifer. She tells of how she continues to improve her craft and what she expects in the future.

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  • Would you recommend someone straight out of college start as an independent promoter?
  • What is the difference between “Promotions” and “Marketing”?
  • Does anyone work independent artists to primary markets?
  • Who is an example who has started on that secondary level and made it big?
  • What should an artist be prepared to do if they become popular?
  • What if a song is a bust?
  • Have you heard royalty rates for songwriters related to how well they do?
  • What do you expect in the future?
  • What does a label do and why do you not “need” one now?
  • Have you read any good books recently?
  • What should we have asked you that we did not?
  • Anything else our listeners could learn more from?

Running time: 12 minutes 34 seconds

Artist Insider 15:4 – Jennifer Blair – Who is this person? | August 14, 2006

Insider: Jennifer Blair

Ever heard of Clearchannel; you will today. Making friends and free swag are also talked about.

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  • What are different spins “levels”?
  • Would you contact XZY Clearchannel Station?
  • Are there music programmers who are not music people?
  • What do you talk to non-music people about?
  • Do you visit stations in person?
  • What is the Country Radio Seminar?
  • Do you receive lots of swag?
  • As a promoter, do you get a lot of freebies?
  • What are the important qualities to be a good song plugged?
  • How many singles at a time can you effectively work?
  • What is a call like when you are promoting 13 singles?
  • What did you say about the Dixie Chicks in that instance?
  • How are you getting new clients?
  • What does a song breaking wide open look like? What happens?

Tomorrow is our last day with Jennifer and it will include more recommendations, storied, and predictions.

Running time: 12 minutes 07 seconds

Artist Insider 15:3 – Jennifer Blair – Break a Leg | August 11, 2006

Insider: Jennifer Blair

The common theme of networking comes up today, as does more about how Jennifer promotes songs to radio programmers.

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  • What are you paid to do?
  • Do you set up personal appearances?
  • How should someone contact you?
  • What do you do first with a perspective client?
  • How are you compensated for your work?
  • How are other promoters paid?
  • What information do you report back to your clients?
  • Are you working the larger markets?
  • Why is it hard to get into the chart reporting stations?
  • How do you better your education?
  • How important is networking in this business?
  • What are your hours in the day?
  • What is a phone call like to a radio station programmer?
  • Do you keep call logs?

Enjoy your weekend, Monday we will be back with more about the current state of music radio.

Running time: 11 minutes 37 seconds

Artist Insider 15:2 – Jennifer Blair – Battle of Rutledge Hill | August 10, 2006

Insider: Jennifer Blair

This segment covers a lot of the basics of music radio stations and how they work from the point of view of a promoter.

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  • What is a promoter’s relationship like with (enter role here)?
  • Who are “Regionals”?
  • How does a Radio Station determine if a song is good or not?
  • Do you ever have people call into a station and ask for a song?
  • How do ratings work?
  • Why did you have to know excel when you worked at your last job?
  • What does the term “spin” mean?
  • Is there a central database that helps calculate spins?
  • How much of ratings is really fluff?
  • Billboard’s Top 10, number of spins, or statistical audience impressions?
  • Do you work with independent artists?

Segment 15.3 gets into the actual work of a Radio Promoter.

Running time: 11 minutes 20 seconds

Artist Insider 15:1 – Jennifer Blair – Promotions | August 9, 2006

Insider: Jennifer Blair

Jennifer is a song promoter, she helps promote songs to radio programmers. This is a good interview for anyone who has wondered “Why is this song on the radio?”

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  • What kind of plugging do you do?
  • What markets do you work in?
  • What does a promoter do?
  • Do you find yourself being a salesman?
  • What did you major in at Belmont?
  • What area was your minor?
  • What was your plan while you were in college?
  • What was your second gig?
  • What is NASI?
  • What does NASI do?
  • After NASI?
  • What is your day like as a promoter?
  • Did programmers ever really shoot you down?
  • How do you promote stuff you don’t like?
  • What do promoters threaten radio programmers with?

Tomorrow more time in radio land.

Running time: 11 minutes 30 seconds

Jennifer Blair | August 9, 2006

Jennifer is a graduate of Belmont, with a BBA Music Business/Marketing Emphasis. She has experiance working with MCA, Mercury, Woody Bowles Company, Nashville Songwriters Association International, Bullseye Marketing, as their Director of Active Radio Marketing, and now with Jennifer Blair Promotions. Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge Read more