Artist Insider 15:4 – Jennifer Blair – Who is this person?

Insider: Jennifer Blair

Ever heard of Clearchannel; you will today. Making friends and free swag are also talked about.

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  • What are different spins “levels”?
  • Would you contact XZY Clearchannel Station?
  • Are there music programmers who are not music people?
  • What do you talk to non-music people about?
  • Do you visit stations in person?
  • What is the Country Radio Seminar?
  • Do you receive lots of swag?
  • As a promoter, do you get a lot of freebies?
  • What are the important qualities to be a good song plugged?
  • How many singles at a time can you effectively work?
  • What is a call like when you are promoting 13 singles?
  • What did you say about the Dixie Chicks in that instance?
  • How are you getting new clients?
  • What does a song breaking wide open look like? What happens?

Tomorrow is our last day with Jennifer and it will include more recommendations, storied, and predictions.

Running time: 12 minutes 07 seconds

August 14, 2006


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