Artist Insider Favorite – 3: Mike Nolan 12.3

This segment is from our interview Mike Nolan 12:3 – Visual Writer.

Short notes from the Executive Producer, Jonathan Nation:

  • Time & Experience – the two things an independent person has to sell someone on.
  • Most of what Mike talks about can be applied to anyone who needs to communicate a message.
  • He really approaches his craft much the same way an engineer would.

Because this is a special, you will need to either pull the file if you already have or click a link on the website to download it. In the morning some thoughts and questions will be posted in the comments and we invite you to comment yourself.

August 4, 2006


One Response to “Artist Insider Favorite – 3: Mike Nolan 12.3”

  1. Nation on August 4th, 2006 10:01 am

    The concept of being a “Visual Writer” was one I had done, but Mike’s words really had an impact on me. Have you noticed websites that do a good job with this, as many magazines do?

    There was this weird pre-echo. Think echo, but it occurred before “Mike spoke”. It was really odd. I would love to know why it happened … I know it was because another mic picked up what Mike said before Mick’s mic picked Mike up. See, confusing.

    Communication is one of the most important skills you can develop.

    For me, this was another “I want to pick 12.3 and 12.4, but I have to pick one.”

    Your thoughts?

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