Artist Insider Q&A – Independent Quality | April 10, 2008

Sixth show of Artist Insider Q&A, hosted by Greg and Jonathan.

Today we focused on what happened at the CIA Summit, the fact that all independent artist, freelancers, and many others, really are in a business, and some steps to success.

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Questions, Topics & Notes:

  • What happened at the CIA Summit?
  • What was the biggest realization?
  • How do I get rich?
  • well I just want to live comfortably
  • I can’t seem to break the 50k mark in salary :/
  • ~ Tim, Delray Beach, FL
  • I have been so busy working as an independent business owner, I have not done my taxes; any suggestions?
  • “will it blend? – that is the question

Will it blend, was brought up because of an interesting article in the Salt Lake Tribune, and a post that landed in Jonathan’s RSS Reader. It’s a simple marketing campaign that is very effective.

Next Q&A will be on April 24th, and Greg will present the basics of copyright and then take questions. Listen to the Q&A4 titled “Video Copyright Producer” where we all have some similar background.

Submit questions when you think of them, then show up at 5:05EST and you can be reminded of your question and ask it live.


Q&A Showprep for Feburary 28th, 5:05EST | February 26, 2008

This Thursday, 2008-02-28 will be the next *live* Q&A session.

Come prepared to ask questions, or discuss some of the following items (will add more over the next couple days).

  • Listener Questions
  • TWIT 133 in this episode of This Week in Tech, they talk with an independent musician and about the current music industry. ( direct download )
  • What have you learned recently?
  • Ways to generate money; our plans are pretty simple, what are yours?
  • Listener Questions

Listener questions are the focus of this show, however we have some stuff planned to direct the conversation or fill the time. See you Thursday, and if you cannot make it and have a question, send it in.